Maggie´s Sunhouse is a common project of the Evangelical Church of Germany (Kirchenkreis Recklinghausen) and the Eine-Welt-Kreis in Herten-Disteln/Germany, focusing on the care and rehabilitation of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC´s) in Windhoek, Namibia. It is named after the founder and chairperson of the project, the teacher Maggie Noelting.


With an "Order of researching work" Margret Noelting left the first time for Namibia in 1997, sent by the school-departmental of the evangelical Kirchenkreis Recklinghausen to do integration work at Government schools that had been German schools during the time of apartheid up to 1990. She began with giving lessons in Otjiwarongo. In 1999 she started a second time in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. This fascinating task gave her a deep insight into the world of all those children, who could not attend school: (Aids-) orphans and streetchildren.

In 2001 Margret Noelting emphasized these problems starting a project on streetchildren together with a teacher colleague and learners at Delta School Windhoek. Ever since she has supported a shelter in Katutura, a township of Windhoek, providing the children with food, clothes, medicines and other things needed.

Streetkids in Windhoek
Collecting and evaluating all her experiences Margret Noelting decided in 2003 to create an own house for children of this target group on the basis of clear objectives, sustainability and future orientation. In the Division Health and Social Services (Municipality of Windhoek) she contacted very competent and highly motivated people building up a network.

In November 2003, a Steering Committee was established. Looking for a suitable place to realize her aims, Margret Noelting found a premises in the outskirts of Windhoek. She knew at once, that this would be the right place for her children and called it Maggie´s Sunhouse.

Description of the object

Together with other buildings in Etna Street that house was built by the former Government (South African mandate territory).

We are going to restore the building and the premises in Etna Street in order to give a home to the target group of our children.

Size of the premises: 1057 qm
Size of the house: 306 qm

The complex of buildings includes a dwelling for servants and a garage.

On the premises there are an old stand of trees, a lapa (thatched roof) and a small swimming-pool. It is bordered by a wall with 2 gates. The most recent dwellers were streetkids and their supervisors. They were evacuated in the year 2002, when there were plans of demolishing the house in favour of a new street.

The Government changed their plans. The house was not demolished, but stayed unoccupied, was vandalized and dilapidated a great deal.

As a result of the increasing number of streetkids the municipality has been looking for a sponsor for a long time. The house shall be renovated and furnished.


Costs and finances

Estimated costs for renovations, fittings and furnishings: N$ 350.000 (circa 46.000 €)

Initial capital: N$ 100.000 (circa 13.000 €)

Estimated running costs from 2005 onwards for the head posts

a) rent, electricity, water, staff
b) food, clothes, medical care, schoolfees and schoolmaterial

N$ 7000 (circa 930 €) per month.

At this time (January 2007) our project is supported and sponsored by:

and local organizations and private persons in Germany and Namibia.

Common aims
  • Teamwork for the benefit and the social upliftment of poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable children, living in the street
  • To identify the needs and problems of the children, to refer them to professional people for counseling, therapy and more permanent care
  • To provide physical and psychological care and support
  • To provide and facilitate educational and lifelong learning opportunities to all the children
  • To reintegrate the children into their families, schools and communities