German-Namibian Society in Berlin-Brandenburg supports Maggie’s Sunhouse with nearly N$ 15.000,00
Windhoek, March 25, 2006

by Maggie Noelting

The year 2006 started with a joyful surprise concerning the work on our projekt. From Berlin we received the message that DNG will support our project Maggie’s Sunhouse with a donation of 2000 Euro (N$ 14.700,00).
My partners and I were very pleased as we had to fit certain rooms with furniture and some windows with curtains. Further we wanted to carry out repairs. And we always thought of the 20m long wall in front of the premises that urgently needed to be painted.

I exactly knew, what I wanted. After having made exact calculations I started looking through the various auction- and 2nd hand furniture houses. This in itself was an experience!
I had to measure the windows, buy ready made curtains or had them sewn, if the sizes did not fit. The house has 20 windows! By and by the rooms became more beautiful.
After each step we looked around and were elated. Children and parents of our neighbourhood came and took part in our joy. Everything has become so wonderful! Everything looks so beautiful! We are very pleased and feel grateful for this highly appreciated financial support.

I put aside a certain amount of money for the wall. With the start of the 2nd Term at school in May, after the rainy season, we shall have a special day to beautify the front wall. Preparations for this are currently running. All of us look forward to these activities.

In the name of my partner, City of Windhoek, I send my deepest thanks to the German-Namibian Society in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Following a few pictures of the rooms in Maggie´s Sunhouse taken before and after furnishing:
before - after
before - after
Room for the boys
before - after