Acknowledgment and appreciation of the project „Maggie’s Sunhouse“ by the German-Namibian Society in Berlin
Windhoek, November 3, 2006

By Maggie Noelting

Here we are...

(photo: Jürgen Becker, board of the German-Namibian Society)
... the members of the management of Maggie’s Sunhouse (from left to right)

Cecilia Maruta (City of Windhoek, Division Community Development)
Francois Adonis (City of Windhoek, Division Health and Social Services)
Maggie Nölting (Eine-Welt-Kreis of Friedenskirche in Herten, Germany)
Flyode Yalala (caregiver in Maggie’s Sunhouse)
Visiting Maggie’s Sunhouse a second time on 27 of October 2006, Mr Jürgen Becker gave us a surprising message. The board of the German-Namibian Society decided to take up Maggie’s Sunhouse in its program of projects being worthy of support in Namibia.
We are happy and thankful.
We feel confirmed in our work and we are encouraged to continue our mission.