The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, on a visit in Maggie’s Sunhouse
Windhoek, December 10, 2006

By Maggie Noelting

Within the scope of partnership between the towns Berlin and Windhoek the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, stayed in Namibia from 26. November to 2. December 2006. His program included the visit to Maggie’s Sunhouse in Windhoek on 27th of November.

Three weeks before I was informed of this intention by the Government in Berlin and the German Embassy in Windhoek. Much more: I was told, that the Governing Mayor was going to hand over a donation of 3.500 Euro for the project work. In advance I was asked to order play utensils for our garden to be inaugurated and handed over to the children by the Governing Mayor during his visit in Maggie’s Sunhouse.

What a surprise at the end of the year! Joy and gratitude let us grow wings. A program quickly was set up for the welcome on 27th of November.

Love, care and hope, the pillars of Maggie’s Sunhouse and basic motives of our project work were to be emphasized by the songs

„He’s got the whole world in his hand“ and
„Give a little love, have a little hope,
make the world a little better!“

and by an African saying, being as well the keynote of our „One-World-Circle“ of Friedenskirche in Herten- Disteln.

Many small people
in many small places,
who take many small steps,
can change the face of the world.

27. November - The time has come

The visit had been announced for 16h30. My caregivers Lena and Flyode, the children and me intently were looking forward to this event. During all of our preparations the first visitors, friends of us, arrived. Meanwhile big black clouds covered the sky. And as we had neither roofs overhead nor any umbrellas, we quickly decided to shift our performance for the welcome to the inside of the house. Whilst carrying chairs, displacing the tables, fixing who has to stand where, we heard a loud and joyful hello from the entrance door. Our guests arrived before the time. But no problem at all! We gave them a sincere welcome in Maggie’s Sunhouse, asked them to take a seat, even if there were not enough chairs, and started our program. After my short welcome speech the children sang the first song.  And how they did it!

An eleven years old girl recited the African saying and the children emotionally sang the second song „Give a little love“, joyfully expecting the announced surprise afterwards. During the following round through the rooms of the house enough time was left over for interesting talks.
Last, but not least, the playground equipment was handed over to the children by the Governing Mayor. After a short speech, ending with one, two, three, the kids ran to climb up the new apparatus.
The Governing Mayor insisted upon hanging the kids on to the climbing frame and to sit together with them on the see-saw.

Thank you, honourable Mr Wowereit!
Thank you for your visit, for your interest in Maggie’s Sunhouse, for devoting yourself to the children!
Thank you for the great financial support!
Thank you for the appreciating words you quite personally gave to me for my further way, saying good-bye!

Maggie Nölting
Windhoek, December 10, 2006

Wiebke Schmidt, photographer
Allgemeine Zeitung Namibia

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