Special Action Morning with the „Christuskirche“ Windhoek for Maggie’s Sunhouse on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007

Windhoek, November 20, 2007

by Pastor Harald Klöpper

Visit of the "Christuskirche" Children's Group and their Pastor Harald Klöpper of the German speaking Protestant Lutheran Church ( DELK ) to Maggie’s Sunhouse.

Before the time there was a lot of excitement: What would wait for the young helpers and co-workers? Hardly anyone could imagine growing up without parents. Would the house be like school, or even like prison?
A sign of relief, when the gate was opened. Some of the children were busy playing boisterously.
Maggie Nölting, Head of „Maggie’s Sunhouse“, and the two Caregivers Lena and Flyode came to greet the young helpers from the youthgroup warmly. They felt at home right from the start.
They were also surprised of the friendly atmosphere the „House“ radiated.
„It is not as bad as I thought“, one of the youth helpers said with relief to Pastor Klöpper.

After the first „learning-to-know-each-other“ games the ice was broken. Together the children and the visitors built straw-boats. Then there was a problem: What to do with the boats?
Without the children noticing, Pastor Klöpper and Flyode had blown up a small plastic pool.
The children took turns in filling it with buckets of water. The boats were soon bobbing in the breeze on the „lake“.
But nothing is that good as not to have room for improvement. It did not take long for the children to replace the boats with a big splash. Incredible the bliss with which up to 14 children splashed about in the tiny pool.

After that everybody was refreshed with cake and cooldrink before friendship ties were established.

Three hours passed like the wind and co-workers and members of the Youth Group agreed:
„We will come again!“

Pastor Harald Klöpper, Windhoek

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