The Easter Bunny in „Maggie’s Sunhouse“

Windhoek, March 2008
by Maggie Noelting

In the week before Palm Sunday I started telling our children in Maggie’s Sunhouse about the Easter event, traditions and customs in Europe, expressing the joy, the liveliness and the high spirits of this coming event.

The Easter Bunny, even in Namibia, comes to the children to spread joy. He brings coloured sweet Easter eggs and hides them in the house or in the garden. Children everywhere are searching for them to collect the eggs in their special small baskets.
Will the Easter Bunny come to Maggie’s Sunhouse, too?
In any case we should be prepared for this visit.
All of us urgently have to make an own nice basket.
The children listened eagerly. Their eyes were shining.
We fixed a date on Friday ( before Palm Sunday ) in the afternoon for this handicraft activity.

The children were looking forward to this special afternoon.
Highly motivated they followed my instructions. For a better illustration I had brought along some patterns. Drawing lines, folding, cutting out, painting over,
pasting, all exactly in turn.
Lena , Flyode (my caregivers) and I were giving them some assistance if needed.
In the end the children held up their small baskets, being decorated individually and with love, to proudly present them.
From now onwards the kids had been waiting for the Easter Bunny.
The following Monday, when I arrived for supervising the homework like usual, the younger kids already came rushing to meet me. They looked sad. “The Bunny didn’t come, Maggie!” I had to console them. “He will come. He will not forget Maggie’s Sunhouse.”
As exactly arranged with Lena and Flyode, 2 days later on Wednesday about 2 o’clock p.m. I sneak through the side entrance of the house bringing along all the bought Easter sweets.
At this time the kids are used to having their lunch nap. Nobody notices me.
We equally distribute all the coloured sweets among the small baskets and hide them anywhere in the house. I put the big Chocolate Bunny, which I specially bought, in the middle of the kitchen table, leaving the kitchen door open just a little. After all this I disappear as unnoticed as I arrived.

Round about 3 o’clock p.m. I open the gate of the premises of Maggie’s Sunhouse like always. Everything quite normal. I talk to the kids, go into the house and with having my view into the kitchen I suddenly cry: “The Easter Bunny was here.!”

The kids came running. Where, where, where? “Look into the kitchen! “
Then they saw him. The Easter Bunny in the midst of the table. “He must have come in through the kitchen door. Our baskets are away, too!” “So, then get ready to look for them!”
It’s left to the reader’s fantasy just to imagine what happened now.
It was impossible to take any photo.

Quite at the end of this action we met for a group photo taking the Easter Bunny in the midst of us.
Thank you, dear Easter Bunny!
You gave us a great joy.
Please come back to us next year, too!