A further step on the way to the future
Windhoek, November 12, 2005

Frans was one of the first children taken in at Maggie's Sunhouse. While he was settling down, he repeatedly slipped back into his old ways of survival in the street. He ran away. We, our caretaker Flyode and I, searched for him at several areas known to us.
We found him and brought him back to Maggie`s Sunhouse.

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Windhoek, November 10, 2005

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Collection of clothes at Delta School Windhoek
Windhoek, July 08, 2005

It was an overwhelming success!
My former colleague at Delta Scool Windhoek (DSW) had stored in her classroom numberless card-board boxes and bags filled with articles of clothing for our children in Maggie´ Sunhouse.

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Windhoek, June 08, 2005

Albert N. was admitted to Maggie´s Sunhouse on the 13th of May. His shirt and trousers were torn and dirty and his left foot wrapped up with a dusty mull bandage. Removing it we saw a neglected massive burn, caused by boiling oil. After medical treatment the curing process started.

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Our first children
Windhoek, April 15, 2005

The first 5 children, age 6 to 13 years, have found a home with us since 2nd of April and do not want to "run away" again according to an interview. The doors in our house stand open on purpose. Nobody is forced to stay. One 10-year old boy ran away after the first night already on April 3rd to join his old gang.

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Erich-Klausener-School donates 400 Euro
Windhoek, April 2005

Learners and parents of Erich-Klausener-School (EKS) in Herten/Germany donated 400 Euro to the project Maggie´s Sunhouse . During Lent (fasting weeks) the learners of the all-day-school renounced their daily dessert and collected the saved money from the total food costs. From Windhoek to all the learners and the administrative manager Mr. Werner Waschk: Thank you so much for your commitment!

Margret (Maggie) Noelting/Windhoek

Start of renovations
Windhoek, November 17, 2004

We started renovating the children´s home in October 2004. As the house is owned by the Namibian Government, the Municipality of Windhoek first did all the necessary preparatory work. Tidying up the garden, cutting back the trees and taking out exuberantly growing bushes. The roof was repaired, the wall in front of the house rebuilt, windows and doors were reset.

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Choice of a suitable object
Windhoek, September 15, 2004

Selecting between several objects being pointed out to me by the Municipality, Division Health and Social Services, I decided on the premises in Etna Street, Windhoek. The house with a living area of 306 m² is situated on a premises of round about 1000 m². The complex of buildings includes a dwelling for servants and a garage.

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